Tokyo Mazesoba

Not Ramen, Not Udon, it’s a New Taste!

Mazesoba is a soup-less ramen dish with extra-thick, original whole-wheat noodles, a secret sauce, various toppings made with the finest ingredients, and spicy spicy minced pork.

This is a completely new genre of ramen where all the ingredients are mixed together at once.

The secret recipe, which has been repeatedly improved, is a unique product that no craftsman can reproduce.

Anyway, you have to try it to understand its charm.

It is a new experience like never before.
KOKORO’s Mazesoba requires you to mix the noodles and all the ingredients before eating.

You may think of it like oil soba or soulless noodle soup, but since this is a new genre, you will not be able to understand it with that preconception.
Of course, it is also different from Japanese soba.

The main ingredient is spicy minced pork, and you will feel the pungency.
If you don’t like that, I recommend the milder “Shio (Salt) Mazesoba”.
Anyway, you have to try it to understand its charm.

Tokyo Mazesoba