Not Ramen, Not Udon, it’s a New Taste



KOKORO was born in 2014 in Ookayama, Ota Ward, Tokyo.

The main restaurant is located in a residential area about a 10-minute walk from Ookayama Station. It was a property where several ramen stores had closed, and even local residents were aware that it would be difficult to continue operating there.

However, the signature product, “Mazesoba,” which was not yet known in the Kanto region, quickly captured the hearts of people and created a long line of customers.

That year, the restaurant won the 2014 Best Ramen Award, bringing the Mazesoba boom to the Kanto region.

Our History
Message from CEO


Hello! I’m Ishikawa, the owner of KOKORO.

In 2014, I decided to enter the Tokyo because I wanted to bring the specialty of Nagoya, Mazesoba, which is still rare in Tokyo, to Tokyo customers as KOKORO TOKYO MAZESOBA.

We have developed our own soy sauce, spicy minced pork, and glutinous noodles, which are the key to the flavor of our Mazesoba.

CEO / KOKORO Co., Ltd.